Academic Exchange

In the process of postgraduate training, we strictly implement the training links to ensure the quality of academic training; establish platforms and systems for postgraduates to participate in scientific research, organize academic exchange activities, and cultivate students' innovative abilities; require students to actively participate seminars presented by field experts more than 10 times, and to attend the international conferences more than 5 times. The academic exchanges in transportation engineering are fruitful. The world-famous universities that have close academic exchanges and cooperation with the Institute of Intelligent Transportation System includes: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), University of Maryland, University of Washington, Imperial College London, Kyoto University, National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, etc.. In addition, the Institute also conducts academic exchanges and cooperation with dozens of international universities.

Management Service

In order to fully standardize the management services for postgraduates in school, maintain the normal education, teaching and living order of postgraduates, protect the physical and mental health and lawful rights and interests of postgraduates, promote the all-round development of postgraduates, the University and Institute insist on practicing the education policy of Morality education and people-oriented, and implement the protection of rights and interests of postgraduates throughout the whole process of postgraduates’ study and life. Conducting various works closely related to the vital interests of postgraduates, so as to effectively safeguard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of postgraduates in school.