The transportation discipline of Zhejiang University relies on the National Key Discipline--Civil Engineering, the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology, and the National Urban Traffic Equipment Intelligent Center of Engineering and Technology (Zhejiang University Sub-Center). It focuses on transportation system modeling, transportation big data analysis, and intelligent traffic control. The Institute of Intelligent Transportation System (IITS) has been engaged in research work in the field of intelligent transportation for a long time. A Zhejiang Province key scientific and technological innovation team for intelligent transportation has been established, which has a fairly superior software and hardware environment and rich research experience. The transportation discipline has a large data storage and processing center, high-performance parallel computing cluster; equipped with transportation simulation software, such as VISSIM, Paramics, TransCAD; built an Innovative Experimental Platform for Intelligent City (Smart Traffic), Intelligent Traffic Control and Traffic Simulation Experimental Platform, Regional Traffic Dynamic Simulation Experiment Platform, Vehicle Road Coordination Hardware In-the-loop Simulation Experiment Platform, Natural Driving Simulation and Analysis System, Traffic Big Data Analysis and Processing Platform, all of which can be used for traffic information engineering and control, transportation planning and management. The existing research bases include Hangzhou Comprehensive Transportation Research Center, Traffic Command Center of Hangzhou Traffic Police Bureau, Yinjiang Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Supcon information Co.,Ltd., Qingdao Hisense TransTech Co., Ltd., etc.



Fig.1 Innovative Experimental Platform for Intelligent City (Smart Traffic)

Fig.2 Regional Traffic Dynamic Simulation Experiment Platform

Fig.3 Vehicle Road Coordination Hardware In-the-loop Simulation Experiment Platform