Cheng Xu


Name: Cheng Xu

Position: Lecturer

Tel: +86(571) 87787080


Personal Profile

Cheng XU, lecturer in the Department of Traffic Management Engineering, Zhejiang Police College. Her main research direction is traffic safety. In recent years, she has been devoted to the research of transportation engineering related theory and technology. She presided over the Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, Zhejiang Science and Technology Plan, the project of intelligence introduction by the Ministry of Public Security and 4 innovation projects of the college. In combination with subject research, more than 20 academic papers have been published in important journals such as Accident Analysis and Prevention and Transportation Research Part A, including 1 ESI high-cited paper and 12 SCI/EI search papers.


  • Ph.D., 09/2013 - 07/2016, Department of Transportation, Jilin University, Changchun, China

  • M.S., 09/2008 - 07/2011, Department of Transportation, Jilin University, Changchun, China

  • B.S., 09/2004 - 07/2008, Department of Civil Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China


  • Lecturer, 08/2011 - Present, Department of Traffic Management Engineering, Zhejiang Police College

  • Postdoctoral Research, 04/2017 - Present, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University

  • Visiting Scholar, 07/2013 - 10/2013, Queensland University of Technology


Host Research Project

1) Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation of China, Theory and Method of Risk Assessment of Mixed Bicycle Traffic Accidents (LQ17E080001), 2017.01-2019.12.

2) China Postdoctoral Fund Project, Modeling and Risk Analysis of Mixed Bicycle Traffic Flow Operation Behavior (2017M621936), 2017.08-2019.04

3) Zhejiang Higher Education Classroom Teaching Reform Project, Simulated contextualization in Traffic Management Engineering Course Design Reform (KG20160471),2016.11-2018.10.


Representative Publications

1) Cheng Xu, Zhaowei Qu, Dianhai Wang, Sheng Jin. Speed distribution model for heterogeneous bicycle traffic flow. Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science), 2017,51(7): 1331-1338.

2) Cheng Xu, Zhaowei Qu, Pengfei Tao. Estimation of bicycle path capacity under mixed bicycle traffic flow. Journal of Jilin University (Engineering and Technology Edition), 2016, 46(1): 63-69.

3) Cheng Xu, Zhaowei Qu, Pengfei Tao, Sheng Jin. Methods of real-time screening and reconstruction for dynamic traffic abnormal data. Journal of Harbin Engineering University, 2016, 37(2), 211-217.

4) Cheng Xu, Ying Yang, Sheng Jin, Zhaowei Qu, Lei Hou. Potential risk and its influencing factors for separated bicycle paths. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2016, 87, 59-67.

5) Cheng Xu, Qiangwei Li, Zhaowei Qu, Pengfei Tao. Modeling of speed distribution for mixed bicycle traffic flow. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2015, 7(11), 1-9.

6) Cheng Xu, Qiangwei Li, Zhaowei Qu, Sheng Jin*. Predicting Free Flow Speed and Crash Risk of Bicycle Traffic Flow Using Artificial Neural Network Models. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. 2015, Volume 2015, Article ID 212050, 11 pages.

7) Cheng Xu, Zhaowei Qu, Sheng Jin. Modeling and simulation of car following behavior considering lateral separation. Journal of Jilin University (Engineering and Technology Edition), 2014, 44(6), 1609-1615.

8) Cheng Xu, Zhaowei Qu, Xiaoming Chen. Analysis of Traffic Flow Speed-density Relation Model Characteristics. Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development, 2014, 8(4), 104-110.

9) Cheng Xu, Zhaowei Qu. Empirical Analysis on Time to Collision at Urban Expressway. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, 505-506(1), 1127-1132.